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special campaign of #thejourneyof100dresses

“Miss Dry Clean Only contest”


From day one, sustainability, material re-appropriation and waste reuse have always been Dry Clean Only’s ethos and modus operandi. With every collection, Dry Clean Only aims to increase the level of recycling and upcycling in hope to play a part of sustainable fashion industry for a better, long lasting world without being bogged down by humdrum repetitions and traditional redesigns.  


With such thoughts firmly in mind, a new accessories and jewellery line is added to the Dry Clean Only mix. The new addition focuses on twisting and spinning the way we accessorize, adding a magical, yet harmless touch onto our best selves. The line consists of 100% used, discarded and disregarded materials. From found objects, unused everyday items to overlooked treasure troves, Dry Clean Only assembles one of a kind pieces fit for preservation warriors and adventurous souls.


This also represents another new path for Dry Clean Only’s continuous “Journey of 100 Dresses” project where garments and materials are constantly sourced from the world over to create brand new dresses to encompass contradicting memories and human made histories while challenging stereotypical selection process and perceptions of “origins” and being “original”. The project is inspiration based with no expiration date. 


Dry Clean Only’s new accessories and jewellery line also sees the first collaboration with PZ, the Thai artist with an established international career. With her signature mix of razor sharp wits, thought provoking weirdness and, most importantly, humility, PZ’s endless world class credits include the likes of vetements, virgil abloh, dover street market, helmut lang . PZ moves in an international arena, but for her collaboration with Dry Clean Only, a daring interpretation of sustainability and “Thainess” is on an offer. 


The exciting marriage of minds arrives at Dry Clean Only’s new campaign: “Miss Dry Clean Only”. In a bid to highlight “Thainess”, PZ and Dry Clean Only turn to the never ending beauty pageant culture in Thailand where contestants are relentless in the idolised quests regardless of its gender political nature while active bystanders are embroiled in heated arguments. The seemingly harmless beauty driven industry speaks volumes of Thai identities and beauty standards which the campaign probes and—ultimately—challenges.

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