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 Dry Clean Only joined the trip with TCDC to the

field study in Kalasin Province to have a survey for 

local materials and observe lifestyles of local villagers

in order to obtain information of local wisdoms and

hand woven cotton fabrics to be able to create

new designs for value addition of the products.

The survey also aimed to find the possibility to

increase income channels for the villagers. Dry

Clean Only has tried hand at hand woven cotton

fabrics to create new products which must be

simple but modern and attractive. The cutting must

be refined to create high value and elegant look.

The inspiration behind the design concept is that

Dry Clean Only pays close attention to urban-life

environment and lifestyle of city women in order

to create and design the hand woven natural cotton

fabrics from Kalasin Province to go in conformity

with the lifestyle of city women who mainly

look for simple but fashionable and modern outfits;

at the same time, the outfits is expected to be

comfortable. The fabric itself is with minimal pattern

which allows access for broader group of people as

well as exhibits the Thai wisdom.

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