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the material :

With a strong brief in craft and material experimental from day one, We differentiated ourselves

on finding sought goodies included 90s wildlife and band tees. 


Fall-Winter 2020, We are going beyond another step of sought materials by using vintage stripe shirts, sweaters, and jeans. Yet deconstruction as usual, we rework them by applying handcrafted details, matching and reconstruction. It’s extremely artistic to create valuable pieces of work from simple

t-shirts such as organization or school tees. Also, emphasizing on sustainably re-collages, every part

of clothing is cut and patched together one by one as seen on different shades of outerwear

- this is how we celebrate distinctive craftsmanship.

inside casa :

Through collections, Dry Clean Only has deeply focused on sourcing sustainably from used garments and remaking into one-of-a-kind pieces of work! Here, we’d love to kindly welcome our beloved ones to the inside studio, to see every single step of the process, from goodies sourcing, pattern replacing, sewing and elaborated details which are done patiently by hands

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